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UCM's Mission Statement

United Congregations of Metro East - Peace and Justice Institution

We share a strong desire for lasting social change that benefits all citizens - families, children, seniors, those of us who suffer, those who struggle in poverty and stress - in just and free local communities.

  • We believe that we share a duty as citizens and people of faith to protect the well being of our families, neighborhoods and communities.
  • We believe that healthy communities are necessary to develop and nurture healthy citizens.
  • All citizens of our region deserve the opportunities and resources of a just and free society. We believe in equity that reaches across our entire region. All citizens should have a voice in the decisions that affect the quality of their local communities.
  • Restoring, repairing and healing the inequity and injustice in our communities is the most important work we can do.
  • We stand in opposition to racial and cultural divisiveness and to the considerable inequities faced by citizens, families and children in local communities.

Serving the following communities and more:  Alton Illinois (IL) Wood River Illinois (IL) Bethalto Illinois (IL) East Alton Illinois (IL) Godfrey Illinois (IL) Hartford Illinois (IL) Roxana Illinois (IL) South Roxana Illinois (IL) Morro Illinois (IL) Elsah Illinois (IL) Brighton Illinois (IL) Holiday Shores Illinois (IL)
We serve many other communities not listed!